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We all experience tension and disconnection in relationships at times. That can be an opportunity to learn and to grow the qualities we most desire in our relationships.

I will guide and support you to move into the center of the storm, to illuminate areas that need attention and to resolve uncomfortable tensions. You might feel a little nervous about the process, but you’ll also feel hopeful and inspired as you gain insight, learn new skills and grow your capacity to heal and repair relationships.

I stand with you to shift thought and behavior patterns that no longer work well, and to frame a new relationship story of inner peace, confidence and joy.

I’ll be there with you the whole way!

Single Sessions

Individual session: 1 hour $100

Individuals Communicate to Connect and Thrive Program

Six sessions – 1 hour each
Investment: $540.00 Paid in Full – $190.00 per month
Two – Three Month Program

What you’ll receive:

  • Sessions scheduled according to your needs.
  • Weekly practices tailored to your needs and goals.
  • Downloadable resources: articles and communication guides
Investment Options

Check-in call

Check-in call/ skype for current clients – 30 minutes $40
Sessions available in person or anywhere in the world with skype/zoom

Andrea’s approach is so very compassionate, gentle and supportive. She has such a strong awareness of how Nonviolent Communication works in an every day situation, and can apply it to any given conversation. I always come away from my sessions with her feeling much more empowered and aware. It has changed my whole perspective about how I am expressing myself.


Using Compassionate Communication I seem to be more focused on me…how I feel, what my needs are, and accept having those needs met as valid for me. I listen to the negative conversations my mind has about myself and others. Through this self observation, I find it amazing how less upset I am about other people’s actions. I am less caught up in drama and find I am more appreciative of those around me. I think it has to do with empathy…having someone really hear what we each have to say. In this case, it is myself. I am genuinely a happier person.

Liza Brown