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Couples & Family Counseling

Sessions available by zoom or phone anywhere in the world.

Relationship counseling is an investment of time and finances in your healthy future together. Most couples who come to me have worked with one or more counselors and have not yet been able to get traction creating significant improvement in their relationships.

Three factors are significant in effective relationship counseling:

1. Working with a counselor you like, trust and who has the skill to offer insightful feedback, support your personal growth and guide you in making changes that create results.

2. Consistent sessions will get you traction and progress in creating deep, significant and lasting changes.

3. About 40% of the work takes place in session and the other 60% is you following through between sessions practicing new behaviors and skills with each other. I give my clients handouts and “homework” so they can practice new ways of relating. When couples do the work with each other transformation happens!

Couples and Family Sessions

First Session is 2 hours
Subsequent sessions are 1.5 hours
Fee: $150
3 Sessions Package $400.00 (10% discount)

I structure my couples work with session packages because of the time and consistency that it takes to change and grow relationships. This work will require a commitment on your part and on my part. I’ll be taking the time between sessions to reflect on your situation, to find handout guides and resources for you and, sometimes, to get feedback from my professional colleagues (without revealing who you are).

For many couples it’s effective to schedule sessions once per week for the first month and then we can assess how to space session out further. The next step usually is twice a month sessions for a few months. As you make changes and progress we will meet less frequently, and then complete our work when you have reached your goals. We can discuss a schedule that meets your needs.

Individual Sessions in Support of Couples Work

One hour session
Fee: $80 (10% discount off my regular individual session fee)

Individual sessions are often helpful in providing the time and support for deeper work in a specific area or to develop a particular communication or relationship skill.

Fees and Sessions


Accepted forms of payment are cash, check, or credit/debit card (Visa, MasterCard, Amer. Express or Discover or Paypal.) Prior to your first session I will request that you provide a credit card number. I do not accept insurance.

Cancellation Policy

Since the scheduling of an appointment involves reserving time specifically for you, a minimum of 24 hour notice is required to re-schedule or cancel an appointment.  A credit card number will be requested prior to your first session. The full session fee will be charged to the credit card number provided for appointments missed without notice or cancelled with less than 24 hours notice, unless we are able to find a time to reschedule the appointment within two weeks. In the event of a no show or cancellation due to circumstances beyond your control, we can talk about a solution.

Do you want to create deep and lasting change in your relationship?

Working with me, you’ll get insightful feedback, tools and support along with an action plan to initiate rapid change.

Schedule Your Free “Relationship Renewal” Session

You can share key tension points in your relationship in our 20-minute phone session. I’ll give you feedback and map out ideas for powerful and effective next steps.

Andrea has an incredible capacity for listening in a way that creates a safe place to open up. With my partner, she was able to bring to our awareness specific body language, words and ways we communicate that triggers reactivity in each other. This helped us increase awareness of our dynamics. Through dialogue she drew out specific needs and offered tools to make changes. As a result of working with Andrea, we were able to take some simple actions that opened the door to us prioritizing quality time together, allowing a deeper connection to emerge.

Prior to working with Andrea, my partner and I had tried communicating on our own and joint reading of resources or guides, but we still lacked progress.  I felt out of options and stuck and resigned, both in my own communication patterns and without resources I knew that I needed. The relationship did not last, however, in working with Andrea I gained an immense amount of perspective about who I am in certain types of relationships and the kind of relationship that is well suited for me to be poised for growth and also to stay true to myself. Now I am much more grounded and skillful in my communication and am able to engage in compassionate dialogue when problems arise.  The experience really seeded a curiosity to learn more about compassion and dialogue and I have Andrea to thank for that.

M. Williams