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Conflict has been a theme in my life. I’m fascinated by how people disconnect, how they make up and the dynamics that occur in between. I can trace this back to my early years growing up in a large family in which emotional outbursts were an everyday event. People often quit speaking to each other for hours or days at a time, but somehow mysteriously patched up the quarrel and continued on, until the next breakdown. My family also taught me about love and loyalty. We stuck together, but the price was resentment and anxiety.

At the age of 21 I began healing and changing my learned family behavior patterns through meditation, yoga and therapy. Deep and lasting transformation took off when I began learning and practicing the mindfulness and communication skills of Nonviolent Communication 20 years ago. Finally I had a roadmap that led me to consistently connect with my own emotional, psychological and spiritual inner landscape and navigate the complexity of relationships. I learned how to be present and shift my most uncomfortable emotions. I learned how to connect with my deepest values and needs while still being present with and respectful of others, even when I didn’t agree with them.

My life has been a fascinating, sometimes challenging, and joyful journey of immense growth. I was in a long marriage, divorced and have a son in his thirties. I’ve encountered illness, my parents’ declining health, and family substance abuse. My training and personal experiences, along with my willingness to learn and grow through life’s challenges, allows me successfully guide others in their journey to more fulfilling lives.

My mission is to help people understand and change their own patterns and behaviors that are no longer working, and to grow in their capacity to create mature relationships. I am a warm and supportive coach, helping my clients move forward with curiosity, compassion, confidence and skill in creating thriving relationships that are the foundation for their success and joy in life.

Andrea Pro


Certified Trainer, Center for Nonviolent Communication  2016 – present

Relational Life Therapy- Level 1

Courses in trauma healing and the neurobiology of relationships

The Couples Institute

Mediation Training, Mediation Training Center of the Pacific

B.A. Anthropology, University of Alaska

I always feel better after a coaching session with Andrea. She is such an exquisitely skilled and empathic listener. Not only does she get what I am saying – most times better than I get it myself (!) – she gets who I am. Andrea tunes right in and, when I am speaking from my head or from a reactive/triggered place, she gently guides me back to my heart, to my center, helping me see and feel that I am okay and that I am not defined by whatever turbulence I am experiencing in my life. When challenges in my life might otherwise lead me down some dark hole of self-aversion, Andrea helps me return to presence. Over time, with her help, I have learned to care for myself using the same kind of compassionate, non-judgmental inquiry Andrea models so well in our sessions.
C.R., Virginia

I view Andrea’s process as the most nurturing and efficient healing work I have ever practiced. I found Andrea four years ago. I was in a severely abusive relationship on all levels. And I was completely devastated. As she listened to my self agony and reflected core needs I remember feeling waves of relief because it was the first time I ever felt truly heard. Since I started trying to recreate her ability to observe thoughts and feelings with neutrality, care and precision I have become my own best friend. Andrea quite literally helped save my life. My gratitude and love for her is forever growing. Her gift is miraculous and I honor this every session we have together.
C.H., Hawaii