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Are you struggling with conflict, distance or hurt with your partner or family members?

  • Transform arguments, criticism and misunderstandings and renew your love and connection.
  • Learn key relationship and communication skills that will give you the confidence to work through your differences.
  • Embark on an action-oriented journey to create a loving and mature relationship with your partner, family members or other significant people.



Do you want to create deep and lasting change in your relationship?

Working with me, you’ll get insightful feedback, tools and support along with an action plan to initiate change.

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Call or email me to schedule a brief 15 minute phone call so you can tell me about your relationship needs and goals.  A good fit between client and counselor is important. This call will give you and me clarity about moving forward.

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Andrea Pro, Relationship and Family CounselorI’m Andrea Pro

I’m passionate about helping people create healthy, vibrant relationships. I’m a Nonviolent Communication Certified Trainer, which means I’m highly skilled in teaching people to communicate openly and skillfully to resolve their differences. I’ve invested in excellent couples counseling training. The primary model I use, Relational Life Therapy, is very effective in cutting through the haze of conflict, disconnection and inertia that couples often experience. One of my best accomplishments is that I’ve done the work it takes to heal myself and transform my relationships with my family, my partner and my son.


Your Relationship . . .
Your Journey . . .
You have the power to make it great.


My son and I have been estranged for almost 10 years. I knew in my heart that we both longed to re-connect and have a close relationship. However the anger we both felt kept us from feeling safe with each other. After our sessions with Andrea I felt as though years of tension and anger were lifted from our shoulders. The work we did with Andrea helped us understand the past and feel empathy for each other. Now we talk often and are building a deeper relationship built on respect. I am deeply thankful to Andrea for helping us understand each other and bring new skills into our relationship.


I worked with Andrea to move through a very challenging and painful relationship with a parent. Andrea taught me communication skills to strengthen my relationships, and helped me become less afraid naming my needs and feelings. The attention, care, and support for growth that I gained from my time with Andrea is something I have only experienced one or two other times in my life. She is a gifted listener and nurturing counselor. Above all, Andrea is a generous soul. All who have the chance to work with her are extremely fortunate.

Andrea has an incredible capacity for listening in a way that creates a safe place to open up. With my partner, she was able to bring to our awareness specific body language, words and ways we communicate that triggers reactivity in each other. This helped us increase awareness of our dynamics. Through dialogue she drew out specific needs and offered tools to make changes. As a result of working with Andrea, we were able to take some simple actions that opened the door to us prioritizing quality time together, allowing a deeper connection to emerge.