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You’ve invested a lot of resources in hiring people who have the vocational skills needed to get the job done.

Even with all that skill available, many organizations are negatively impacted by the way leaders and staff communicate and relate. When someone’s great idea is not heard because others don’t listen, that loss affects bottom line profits. When a great talent leaves because she’s not being valued, that has a price tag. Energy, time and money are wasted when managers are uncomfortable giving honest and productive feedback to staff.

Soft skills are Essential Skills

The people on your team have experience, creativity and wisdom. I help organization leaders harness that potential:


  • Offering another set of eyes, ears and ideas to help you understand and shift unproductive relationship dynamics.
  • Teaching communication skills that people integrate systematically, generating real understanding, shared purpose, and forward movement.
  • Coaching in leading effective meetings and collaborative decision-making.
  • Supporting leaders in articulating your mission statement clearly so the team carries it out.
  • Coaching to supervisors in offering clear, respectful and productive feedback to staff.
  • Support evaluating and measuring results and outcomes in honest conversations.

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