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Great Relationships Don’t Happen Accidentally

Are you feeling sad, wondering where the intimacy and joy you experienced early in your relationship went?

The natural high and easy connection people enjoy early in relationships is fueled by attraction, hormones and the adventure of discovery. As relationships enter a new phase, it’s natural to encounter differences and life events that dampen the easy, loving connection you once shared.

If you and your partner are arguing a lot, feeling hurt frequently, withdrawing, or losing trust, these are signs that your relationship needs first aid. Most of our families did not provide us with the knowledge and skills that it takes to create long-term loving relationships.

In my couples program:

  • You’ll learn to understand the dynamics in your relationship, change behavior patterns, and listen deeply to create connection.
  • You’ll learn how your partner ticks and become skilled in offering support, speaking with compassionate honesty, and repairing hurts quickly.
  • You’ll master practical and powerful skills and tools that are guaranteed to revitalize your connection.

Are you ready to leave your sadness and confusion behind and take your relationship to a new level of love, intimacy and trust?

Schedule your complimentary “Communicate to Connect” session with me.

We’ll make an appointment and talk for 30 minutes. I’ll give you practical strategies that will offer you hope and relief.
We’ll determine whether we’re a good fit to work together.

Single Sessions

Couples session: 1 1/2 hours $125

Couples Communicate to Connect and Thrive

Six sessions – 6 couples sessions (1 and 1/2 hours) and 4 individual sessions (2 each – 1 hour) hour each
Investment: $1,035.00 Paid in Full – $365.00 per month

What you’ll receive:

  • Individual support, encouragement and coaching along with couples sessions
  • Sessions scheduled according to your needs.
  • Weekly practices tailored to your needs and goals.
  • Downloadable resources: articles and communication guides
Investment Options

Check-in call

Check-in call/ skype for current clients – 30 minutes $40
Sessions available in person or anywhere in the world with skype/zoom